Photos For Money: Stock Creators // 1000+ Students // New To Affiliate

Photos For Money: Stock Creators // 1000+ Students // New To Affiliate
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The cool thing about selling stock footage & stock photography is that you are your own boss. So you got the control over where, when, and how much work you put into this.

When it comes to earnings, two main things determine how much you can earn: the amount of files you upload and their uniqueness.

This course teaches all you need to know to produce unique images/videos that sell as well as the workflow to increase the speed of your work. This way you can create a steady and growing portfolio with a growing passive income.

Well, I guess you’re still waiting for the numbers, right? 

  • On average, video files can get you from U$16 to U$140 each time it sales. It can go higher or lower, but it’s not common.
  • Image files can get you from U$0.36 to U$70. It still can go higher, up to $150. But rarely.

BUT REMEMBER: The power is not in the single sale, but the fact that one file can get sold multiple times. 

One single file of mine already got $1,200 in sales.

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