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About Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner is one of the finest PC performance tools available in the market today, when it comes to improving performance and speed of your PC. It serves some very important functions which makes it a popular junk cleaner

Some of the problems it solves include:

  • download junk cleanerSlow booting and shutting down (taking eternally long time in either of these)
  • download junk cleanerFrequent PC crashes and freezes
  • download junk cleaner Low available memory
  • Obstacles like junk files

  • Safety & Security

    download junk cleaner

    We provide 100% safe products for downloading and guarantee full security. More than one thousand users have downloaded it till date and are using our software successfully without any issues.

    Junk Cleaner Screen Shots

    download junk cleanerdownload junk cleanerdownload junk cleaner

    Useful Features of Junk Cleaner

    junk cleaner downloadjunk cleaner downloadjunk cleaner download

    Clear Run History

    The history of the programs, file names, and locations typed in the Run dialog box are saved by Windows. However it’s possible to delete this history, if you’re on a public or shared computer.

    Junk Cleaner can trace all the data on Run History and delete it permanently.

    Clear Browser History

    Frequent use of Internet leads to excessive data accumulation in the browser memory and it may also lead to a slow PC performance.

    Junk Cleaner will identify the data in the browser history and delete it quickly. It will also boost your PC speed.

    Clear Recycle Bin

    Recycle Bin is the place where all deleted data is sent by the OS. It’s necessary that this data is cleared every fortnight to keep your PC in an optimum state. 

    Junk Cleaner will identify the data in the Recycle Bin and delete it quickly. It will also boost your PC’s speed.


    Customer Review

    free junk cleaner download

    Junk Cleaner is an exceptional tool for optimizing the PC and making it deliver peak performance. This small software changed my PC performance forever.

    —-Robinson, SWEDEN

    free junk cleaner download

    This is a great tool providing effective PC solutions in multiple areas. Amazing and I am benefitted!.

    —Julia, DUBAI


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