Freds 5000 Do-it-yourself Building Plans!

Freds 5000 Do-it-yourself Building Plans!
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It is always possible that you still have questions. The most frequently asked questions that I encounter in my mailbox are answered below.

Can I easily find what I need?

Yes! Although we are talking about over 5000 drawings, you’ll be able to find anything you need with ease. All drawings are categorized and can be found in no-time. Say you are looking for an outdoor kitchen. Simply go to ‘outdoor kitchen’ and you’ll find all drawings and projects that are related to this subject.

How long is this offer still valid?

Look at the bottom of the page. You’ll see a countdown clock. Until it hits 0, you’ll get the Package with over 5000 blueprints for 47 dollars + all bonuses. After that, the price will rise to $ 94 USD without bonuses. And you’ll miss out…

I am very good at DIYing. Is this something for me?

Yes! With over 5000 blueprints you’ll have at your disposal an unlimited source of inspiration. And you will save tons of time building stuff simply because you won’t need to search for an appropriate drawing. And think about the material lists… This will save you heaps of time researching things!

I am not particularly handy. Is this something for me?

Yes! Anyone that can saw a shelf, can work with these drawings. They are a step-by-step description of how to proceed.

Does reading a drawing take a lot of time?

No. Maybe the very first time you look, but you’ll get a hang of the system quickly. And once you’ve figured that out, every drawing is a piece of cake!

That’s a lot of blueprints for a very small amount. Is this real?

Yes, it is: only 0.0047 dollar per drawing. But I have plans to change that. I am working on a webshop where I will offer my blueprints going from 17 to 67 dollar per piece. Another reason for you to join now.

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